Grand Portage is more than a place − it is my home.  I grew up here and I have lived in Grand Portage my whole life. I received my bachelor’s degree from Bethel University in Youth Ministry,  Reconciliation, and Business Management. In May, I will receive a Master’s Degree in Tribal Administration and Governance from the University of Minnesota Duluth.

I’m the daughter of Lester Day and Jaye Clearwater.  You may know me by my maiden name:  April Clearwater-Day. Jacob McCormick is my husband, we are the parents of Nehemiah. I am the sister of Autumn and Rusty.

As a role model to youth: my lifestyle is free of commercial tobacco, drug and alcohol use.

I enjoy moose hunting, dancing women’s traditional, and creating artwork.

A mentor once told me, “There are many things to be concerned about, and there is a lot more to be hopeful for.”  I believe there are many band members that have hope for a better, more positive future for our children and future generations. They work hard to make it a reality every day for their families and in their community. I believe in that hope and vision and our capacity to make our band all the more stronger, I want to work together to accomplish this with you. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas. Miigwech for your support in this election.

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